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G. Long

I am the host and creator of the Long in the Boot Podcast. I’m a Social Studies Teacher of more than 20 years experience; all of those years spent right here in the heel of the boot. I have worked a wide variety of jobs including fiberglass production, cook, photographer, film lab technician, sales, restaurant management, and even bumper car ticket taker. Most importantly, I spent several years in radio broadcasting as a news reporter, show host, and D.J. In addition to on air duties, I produced radio promotions and commercial advertisements for many local stations including KYKZ, KJAE, and KAOK. I created the Long in the Boot Podcast out of a love of radio and an abundance of post-hurricane, pandemic free time. I hope to make the podcast into a listening community for people who are tired of the negativity currently found in media. I host the podcast with Deborah, my love of more than 30 years and the only person who can put up with my nonsense. Together we intend to make Long in the Boot a positive space for the discussion of history, education, current events, and humor. Thanks for listening!!


My life’s adventures began at Ft. Riley Kansas in the 60s. We were stationed there for a few months, while waiting for our next base assignment. My childhood was a series of new bases almost every year, until I was 16 and my father retired to his home area of southwest Louisiana. Throughout my years, I have held many jobs starting at the age of 13: record store clerk, waitress, bartender, American Airlines ticket counter & runway, bar owner, day care owner, Olan Mills proof consultant, yoga teacher, and finally a high school English, and some years, history teacher. There were a few other jobs in between, but it seems silly to continue. You get it, I have had a multitude of life experiences. However, being a mother and G. Long’s partner in life has been my constant for the last thirty plus years. I graduated from McNeese University with a BS education degree. So, my qualifications to be a podcast co-host? Well, I am a human being trying to navigate the complexities of modern life with a sense of curiosity and humor. My motto is life is a challenge not a chore. So podcasting is another interesting challenge to add to my curriculum vitae.

Otto Von Bizbark

I was born in a small Louisiana town just north of my home in Longville, where I have lived for the last ten years. I am a purebred miniature, red-dapple Dachshund and proud of it. When I first came to the Longs in Longville, I shared space with my breed brother KC. He was older and taught me to be a loving member of the family. Once KC left our home, I was alone for so many days. Then my people brought “her” into my kennel and made me start working on something called “podcast.” I will work for my kibble, but only with fair working conditions and appropriate compensation.

Bella La’Factchequer

My name is Bella and my early life is a bit hazy. I was in Lake Charles, La in a cold steel cage when G. Long and Deb found me. I knew when they saw my cute, Jack Russell/Chihuahua face they would be my people. What I didn’t know was I would have to live with a grumpy little German who likes things quiet. Once I settled into life at the Longs, I loudly let them know my opinions about everything. I am very vocal about dubious facts and other things that displease me. Tune in to the podcast to catch me calling G. Long out when he strays from the facts.


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Absolutely captivating

Interesting, comical, factual, and educational. What else could you want!!

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Great podcast!

I genuinely enjoy the topics of discussion and looking forward for the next ones. Ps. More of guest host Habz if possible.

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More please!

High-quality audio and excellent, thought-provoking discussion. Five stars and subscribed. I can’t wait for more episodes!

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